Who am I?

20 Oct

This is the burning question that everyone at some point or another in their life will feel pressured to answer. But this so-called “pressure”, where does it come from? From your friends, your family, from your loved ones? It is our own mind that issues these unfair demands. They are unfair because if we cannot come up with a meaningful answer we end up subjecting ourselves to overwhelming feelings of guilt, unworthiness, confusion, and most of all, fear.

Let’s just stop and think about this concept for a second. We say that our mind tells us these things.. but wait, how can that be so? Are we speaking about two separate people? Our MIND tells US. This is where we are inclined to slip up, because our mind and ourselves are one entity. We control our mind, and in doing so we control our reality. We control our destiny.

Just remember, no one is putting pressure on you. Putting pressure on yourself in a positive way can assist you towards achieving your goals, but it should not cause you to feel unhappy. You can feel comfortable and proud in the knowledge that you are special, you are unique. You are not like anyone else in this world and no one can be like you. Each day by making small, astute decisions, you map out your unique path in life and shape your own reality.

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