The Beautiful Machine

24 Oct

What machine is so sophisticated, so advanced, that it can sense damage and naturally repair itself? This beautiful machine is the human body. Designed to carry us through our entire life, the human body can heal wounds, build immunity to disease, and incredibly, even repair seemingly unfixable damage caused from neglect and poor maintenance by it’s owner. A car will last for a while without a regular service, and even maybe without the right fuel. But a some point, it will fail.

Have you ever watched someone smoking a cigarette who suddenly starts coughing? Firstly, the human lungs were designed to process oxygen, not cope with the inhalation of toxic gas containing thousands of poisons. When people suffocate themselves by inhaling cigarette smoke, coughing is the body’s natural reaction to this poison. It is not supposed to be there and the lungs are trying to cleanse themselves of the newly introduced tar and filth. Even during the quitting process, an ex-smoker might find that they still cough, even when they haven’t touched a cigarette in weeks. But it’s OK. The beautiful machine is working its magic, and before long, the effects of smoking are essentially reversed.

At the end of the day, the human body is no different to the car. It is a highly intelligent, highly tuned system comprising of several key components that combine to make it run efficiently and reliably. Look after it, and it will not let you down. If it speaks to you, it is trying to tell you something important, so react. If you don’t then you’re just not listening.

To those out there who are trying to free themselves from the smoking trap, I recommend Allan Carr’s Easyway. It worked for me.

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Posted by on 24 October, 2010 in Health & Well-Being, Inspiration


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